James at 11am.


James at 11.30am.


There goes my savings.


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9 responses to “Changes.

  1. Yep, there go your savings. I am saving up for similar for my big girl…..

  2. Good thing you have such great op shopping bargains then, now you really need them!

    Just come back from holiday and am admiring your Burda dress. If you ever get stuck for Burda instructions you can always flick me an email as I am bound to have the issue and can scan in the relevant parts..

    Very pretty dress – I hope you get lots of wear when summer arrives – the pleats are just lovely – I think I even recognise that dress – did Burda make it in a lovely baby pink?

    It has to be said I am very persistent and do stick with difficult garments – in the last 3 years of sewing I have only thrown out one garment mid construction because the fabric was irredeemable. Even if you had given up on this dress, I’m sure you would have turned it into some clever class project.

  3. Evil Gym Mom

    The joy of ortho! Tink got expansion plates just over a week ago in preparation for braces, and Jess is slated for oral surgery to enable the last stage of her braces. Yay. Thank heaven for new jobs with more hours and more $$…

    • Yes… The new job! Sounds heavenly – how did it come about? We’re actually darn lucky with James as he only needs them on the top to move one sticky-out tooth.

      • Evil Gym Mom

        Found it on Seek! Can’t turn the subscription off actually – no matter how often one hits the unsubcribe button – so have been getting daily Seek emails for the past 9 years. Every so often I have a look and the Ascot Lane one was so me that I would’ve kicked myself forever if I hadn’t applied. Two interviews later I got it. They even wanted blogging skills, LOL!

  4. I’ve been there in 2008; daughter needed tooth pulled down into position from within upper jaw, then upper & lower braces. About $7000!
    I had to get back into my old job. Also struck a severely big headed orthodontist, who kept treating her in a most accusative fashion when the wire would break, and when I commented on the attitude he yelled at me and wanted to send me from his rooms. I remained calm and told him to fix it as the wire was sticking into her cheek. He accused me of not being cooperative, even though I had changed our family life getting back in work.
    Already had another “service-man” lined up. Friendly and listening.
    I am not scared of men in white coats. Imagine your plumber yelling at you and yet wanting that much money… HUH!

    • How awful for you and your daughter. Thankfully James’ ortho is an old friend from university days and the practice is one of the most kid-friendly places I have ever been. Doesn’t make it any cheaper though!

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