Holiday Thursday.

This dress nearly did my head in.

I got the Burda magazine out from the library over a year ago and I liked this pattern so much I traced it off and photocopied the instructions. I knew it would need a lovely soft drapey fabric so I set the pattern aside and waited to see what might turn up at the op shops. And one day, there it was, a beautifully light fabric with a silky touch in a very pretty pattern of muted greens and oranges. I cut the pieces out last week and started pleating. So far so good.

But then there was the instruction about the bodice front extending at the neck edge (it didn’t) and the helpful hint on zips on page 18 (which I didn’t have) and the instruction to face the neck edge like style 101 (which I didn’t have either!) And so started the fudging. And tweaking and fiddling and trimming and reshaping. I was on the verge of giving up several times. Only the thought of smirking sewists up north kept me going, the shame of having to explain that I couldn’t handle one old Burda pattern with a rating of only 2 dots. So I gritted teeth and persevered. The bit that nearly did me in was the final fitting before the zip when I realised that the back edges didn’t meet, couldn’t in fact, even see each other across the chasm between my shoulder blades.

I downed tools and had a beer.

And then I added two strips either side of the centre back. I sewed in the zip the same way I’ve always been doing it. And I made up the whole neck facing.

And this dress is now everything I thought it would be. Soft and pretty and draped and flowing and comfortable. Sort-of almost Grecian in shape and style. Amazing with some of my great-grandmothers lace slung around the neck. Can’t wait for real summer to wear it.


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4 responses to “Holiday Thursday.

  1. It is gorgeous, and you deserve another several beers for getting through a BWOF pattern at all, with or without their instructions!

    • Floss

      It was only the thought of MaryAnna rolling her eyes that spurred me on. I’m glad I persevered though – it’s so pretty. Hope you had a lovely time in Golden Bay.

  2. I love it! Will you post a photo wearing it at some stage? And well done – I’d have gone back for a second beer.

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