Holiday Friday.

The jury is still out on this one.

I found the fabric on Monday at the $2 Warehouse. It was a very large, very badly made dress which I washed and dried and carefully picked apart. I love this fabric, love it’s big bright red and green flowers. I wanted to make it into a princess-seamed dress but there wasn’t quite enough for the bodice. I had an old Style pattern for a simple pull-over dress and thought maybe I could make the bodice from a complimentary light green fabric and just sew the princess-seamed skirt underneath.

So I did. It’s been hanging up all week as I dither on the length of the skirt. Short? Knee-length? Calf? At the moment it’s a bit pokey-out because the hem is 30cm deep. I’m not sure about the bodice either. The seam goes right across the middle of my chest and I don’t think that’s entirely flattering.

And now I’m wondering if I should take off the bodice entirely and just make the lovely fabric into a skirt? I really don’t know.


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2 responses to “Holiday Friday.

  1. I’d need to see it on you to make a proper judgement, but at the moment I reckon skirt. It’s beautiful fabric.

  2. Evil Gym Mom

    I think skirt too. And that green made into a full blouse.

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