Holiday Tuesday.

The last week of school was over-run by the school production which meant that I spent every waking moment there, not to mention a few sneaky napping ones too. The month before that I was consumed by a costume-sewing frenzy which meant as far as creating went, my me-time was in the negatives. Which we all know is an absolute no-no for the craft-sanity of a sewist. So I am determined that this holiday will be all about sewing. Sewing for me.

After yesterday’s retail therapy, it was time to get down to the business of creating. First up, a new summer blouse. There actually is no other way to describe the garment I made today – it’s not a shirt, it’s not a tunic and it’s not a top. It really is a good, old-fashioned blouse The fabric was a $4 remnant from the Sallies, a deliciously delicate cotton sprigged with the prettiest green and terracotta flowers which I’ve had stashed away since March. The pattern is vintage Simplicity 7896 from 1970 and  I’m in the love with neck tie of view 2. Pretty!

It was very easy to sew and I love the way the neck tie is put together, simple genius. The cotton feels light and smooth against my skin and the blouse itself is a loose, comfortable fit.  I thought about some kind of shaping or shirring at the waist to nip it in but for now I’ll leave it as is. I can always wear a belt if I want it gathered.

I’m wearing it right now with skinny jeans and knee-high brown boots. Such a nice mix of cool and old-fashioned sweetness. The madness of term 3 is slowing melting away, replaced by a breath of spring-fresh air. Sanity may be just around the corner.


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2 responses to “Holiday Tuesday.

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Go you!!!!

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