Jono: “Can I borrow the car? I’ve got a History thing.”

Me: “What History thing?”

Jono: “A quiz thing. A History quiz. I don’t know.”

Mum: ” You can borrow the car if you win.”

Jono: (rolls eyes) “OK, whatever.”

Not only did they win the Canterbury Schools History Cup but by a record-breaking margin. The team that got second was almost 40 points behind them.  Jono got to bring the Cup home because he had a car. The other two didn’t want to risk it on the bus.

They’re very proud of their History Cup. It was pulled from the earthquake rubble of a fallen school and it’s dents, wonky stem and sellotaped-together base only add to the historical appeal of this prize. The History Cup is a survivor too.


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4 responses to “Historical.

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Go Jono!!!! Gotta love the now casual “can I borrow the car…”

  2. awww sniff!!! survivor, you are all incredible, i hope you know that. i have been meaning to text you for DAZE, evah since this pic popped up on tim’s fb. SO proud of the success!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love and break-a-leg-mommy vibes for last nite of prods x x x x x x a sunshine-kiss each

  3. That History Cup has a history!

  4. canary

    great story, well-told!

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