Crazy Love.

I’m not usually a gushing type of person but boy am I crazy in love with this book. I actually bought it on the strength of one photo, reasoning that even if this was the only good idea in the book, it was worth $22 to have this cute little pattern for my classes. The iPod creature cosies were an instant hit and when my felted jersey supply was exhausted, we moved onto creating them out of polar fleece and felt. Then the bit I love most about my job – tweenage humour.  Maddy downloaded ‘Monster Mash’ and we had a whole Monster Menagarie singing and dancing their way across the tables.

Little mushroom brooches popped up everywhere, so sweet that I had to try one for myself.

I know there is bunting all over the internet but the boys were particularly grabbed by this leaf-shaped design and they made a string to go with our harakeke display. A  purple and aqua paua set is well underway.

And oh my, Monster Reading Pillows! My favourite favourite project in the whole book. So much scope for crazy individual faces in the maddest of fabrics. Arms made out of polar fleece with velcro on the ends so you can hug the monster around your neck.

And that was only Day One! Every single project in this book is a winner. It’s perfectly pitched at my Year 8s who have a years worth of sewing skills under their belts but my Year 7s have found success with some of the simpler ideas including the Softy Badges and the Cloudy Day pillows. There is enough in this book to keep us busy right on into next year. We plan to try everything so expect to see a whole lot more from kids’ crafternoon sewing. Five stars!

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  1. Your sewing class looks like fun. My Year 8 daughter spent two terms making one patchwork cushion, I’m sure she would have liked making monsters instead.

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