Small Projects.

Something that pleased us over the weekend was being able to do this:

Our regular library has been taken over by the Civic Offices so it was off to another library, a little further away but with the lights on and librarians ready to grant our literary wishes! How lovely to browse the shelves and choose some new books to read. In the stack of recent crafty releases was Fast Fabric Gifts by Sally Southern. It’s a very basic beginner book with raw edges and hand stitching but Henry found inspiration within its pages when he was looking for something to make on Sunday afternoon. Sophie was on her way home with the school athletics team, a South Island title tucked firmly under her belt and he wanted to make her a present.

The shabby patchwork heart on p. 68 was a perfect choice and some very concentrated hand-stitching meant it came together in only a couple of hours incluing the 20 mins of tooing and froing over the perfect fabrics to use. He’s as bad as any quilter in a fabric shop! I’m going to try out a couple of other projects with classes at school but while it’s interesting to browse through, this book is a definite ‘borrower’.


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2 responses to “Small Projects.

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Nice one Wozza!
    Hey – what’s this hiding between the lines “Sth Is title” ??! Go Sophie! Surely that needs its own post?

  2. What a lovely brother.

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