One Thing Leads To Another.

So I had to make new samples of the winter beanie styles because the old ones were getting a bit ratty. And then my supplier sent me fleece fabrics in the most delicious creamy caramelly shades – they looked practically edible. And then I thought they would be so yummy mixed and matched. And then a scarf made it’s way into the middle of everything. And the Cafe Collection was born.

My favourite is the Deluxe Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry on the top.

The kids are quite taken with the foamy capuccino and it’s sprinkles of chocolate.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon working on the display and was surprised by how energised I felt when it was completed. I guess it’s been quite a while since I did anything creative – life has been more about plodding from one day to the next – it feels good. Mittens to follow shortly!


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2 responses to “One Thing Leads To Another.

  1. Very cool – what a great idea, it makes me laugh!

  2. Very inspired – the students are very lucky to have you as there teacher.

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