Site-Sharing Day Two.

One of the benefits of site-sharing is an increase in the range of subjects available. Once morning classes are finished, students at the Co-ed School have the option of picking up afternoon classes in subjects that were not previously offered at their school.

The Girls’ School teaches Latin. Should the Co-ed School really have been as surprised as they were by the massive upswing of interest in Year 11 Latin. By Year 11 boys. I mean, honestly? Come on!


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4 responses to “Site-Sharing Day Two.

  1. I find these posts fascinating and strangely uplifting – opportunities within the chaos.

    In Eastern Europe, in the days of severe rationing, people used to meet their future husbands and wives because they would have to stand for hours each day in a queue and they would strike up conversations with the people around them to manage the boredom. In this way the social fabric of the society was actually supported!

    I understand something similar happened in Africa around the communal wells and the walks to the wells.

    • I’m sure these arrangements are going to have long-term consequences socially. ChCh has always been really bad when it comes to the us-and-them school reputations and now schools are being forced to get over themselves and work together. It can only be good 🙂

  2. I remember doing Latin at a certain all girls school in ChCh on the banks of the Avon and we never had anything exciting like boys in our class. Instead we got to translate the Iliad. Boys were strictly an extra-curricular option 🙂

    • I tell ya, it’s a brave new world out there! While some schools are digging their toes in and looking for excuses not to host others, ours seem to really be trying hard to make the best of it. The kids are still enthralled by the novelty of it all.

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