I love Christchurch City Libraries – all my books have been re-issued until May 1. And I’ve got some really good books out of the library at the moment! I didn’t expect to like One-Metre Wonders but it has turned out to be chock full of inspiration and do-able ideas. Today we had a go at the Scrunchie Bag.

I found some stripey fabric in the cupboard that looks a bit like something currently hanging around in the local surf shop and we cut it out exactly according to the instructions. The post-it on the sewing machine is our clever way of sewing straight lines that are too wide to be marked on the needle plate of the machine.

This pattern was a quick sew and by taking out the D-rings and sewing the straps directly into the bag, it would became a design that most Year 8s could cope with. We removed the D-ring hanging in the centre of the bag as no-one could really figure out what it’s purpose was! Oh and 100cm is way too long for a strap – we made it 80cm and it’s still a bit on the generous side.

Everyone liked the ruffly look of this bag – it has elastic in a casing around the top as well as elastic sewn into the base to ‘scrunch’ it up. I handed out the sample to one of my tried-and-true testers who promised to work it hard over the weekend. I reckon it would be great for a sleepover.


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2 responses to “Books.

  1. canary

    That is clever; I’ve used tape for years, don’t know why I never thought of a Post-It!

  2. That post-it idea is genius!

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