I only packed a carry-on bag for this trip but I did remember one of the essentials of a sea-side summertime:

Those of you who are stitchers will probably recognise this Papillon freebie and therefore will know exactly when it was published and obviously will have no trouble calculating just how long this UFO has been on the go.

I’m not very fast at this and I’m not very clever at it either. I really have to concentrate, counting the tiny linen threads to make sure each cross is in the perfect place and painstakingly teaching myself the specialty Algerian eyelets, tied windmills and sprat’s head stitches that this sampler requires. But the good news is that such intense focus drives most other thoughts from my head and there is only room for who ate the last Tim Tam and what shall we have for dinner tonight.


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4 responses to “Stitch.

  1. Oh yes, there’s nothing like something for your mind to focus on other than your woes to give you a brief respite from the challenges life has thrown your way. Escapist “literature” ( I use the term very loosely because there’s nothing learned about it) is my favourite.

  2. canary

    Some people surf, some people stitch–I would definitely be the latter. It seems to have worked for thousands of years, judging from the intricate handwork of the past. Hang in there…and hang ten…. 😉

    • He he, and it might be several more thousands by the time this mystery of a design is worked. It is SUCH hard going and I seem to one square out somewhere. Maybe I should find a complicated book to read… at least that would have an end 🙂

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