She reminds me that life is meant to be an adventure and every day can bring a new opportunity.

She was determined to learn to surf today and spent hours down at the beach.

The sun is setting and she still won’t come in.


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6 responses to “Surf.

  1. canary

    I always wanted to do that, but it probably helps to be a good swimmer, and a gymnast. It’s a good thing many kids are getting a break from the constant trauma. I was amazed to see the guy I mentioned who was tossing chunks of concrete like styrofoam–the news said like Legos–is an international folk hero. As he so rightly points out, just one of many heroes. Sad that the guy in the car didn’t make it, but his sister was saved. I think I was most touched by a virtually silent brief amateur video I saw on BBC of ordinary people bringing the injured to the hospital in their cars. You kiwis are amazing.

  2. I’m glad you have somewhere to go and get away for a while.

  3. It sounds like you and your family are finding good ways to help you process what has happened and find the ‘opportunities within the danger’, as the Chinese saying goes.

  4. Evil Gym Mom

    That is sooo Sophie – one tough nut.
    We have mum and daughter Prinsloo from Olympia staying with us. The international level RG girls from there have scattered out of CHC to keep training (trials in April for this year’s international assignments); some in Dunedin, and some up to AKL.
    Still room for you though should you need it!

  5. Wow, that is so great that there is a ‘holiday’ aspect to your life as refugees! Every day really is an adventure, it’s great to be reminded of that at any time, let alone times of crisis.

  6. canary

    “The sun is setting and she still won’t come in.”
    That is some poetic prose. I keep thinking about it….

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