One Last Quilt.

And most definitely my favourite. I showed one of my classes how to piece a wonky free form kind of house and we made the resulting squares into cushion covers. One student loved the wonky houses so much that she bought her own fabric, sewed her own village and even invented a few dwellings along the way.

Turquoise and orange is not a combination I would have thought of but boy do I love it now. And that spotty-capped mushroom house. And the teeny tiny stripey house. And the big bright apartment block. Genius. No surprises that this student went on to become my top student with her name on the textiles design trophy. I like to think I’ll be able to say one day ” I knew her when…”


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3 responses to “One Last Quilt.

  1. Anotheroneopens

    Amazing! You really are getting wonderful work from your students, well done. Don’t you agree it’s the best job in the world?

  2. That is truly fabulous!

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