We Made A Lot of Quilts.

Every second person made some sort of quilt or other. The most popular were from Canteen bandanas cut into quarters and rearranged. The kids collected bandanas from op shops and charity barns all over town. Hollie Smith was highly sort after – if you had a Hollie Smith you could swap it for pretty much a whole quilt worth of other  bandanas. This is Nellie’s Christmas Quilt made from the brightest bandanas we could find. It’s to remind her of the sun-drenched Antipodean summer when she surfed on Christmas Day.

The last week has been spent stitching a quilt for Julia from pastel shades of bandanas including as many butterflies as we could find.

I’ve just put the last few stitches into the candy striped binding with hours to spare before her birthday party. The back is the most amazing pink-flowered sheet in mint condition.

Julia’s Butterfly Garden.


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5 responses to “We Made A Lot of Quilts.

  1. Deb

    What a cool idea. I love the Canteen Bandanas and this is such a good way to support them and showcase the bandanas.

    • Thanks Deb, some kids specifically bought new bandanas -there was a very cool one based on just 2 designs – but most use recycled ones. Everyone seemed to have a few lying around at home and when you put them all together – magic!

  2. Anotheroneopens

    Did you make quilts in school? I salute you!

  3. Evil Gym Mom

    I think I had the purple version of those sheets as a child…

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