Ranger Tim.

Tim is currently working for DOC somewhere in the back of beyond. He has no power, no phone and one running water tap.  He has lots of DOC maps and booklets,  a standard issue green ranger shirt and a pack of cards for fun.  He sent me a photo of his back yard:

We stay in contact via DOC channel bush radio.  It’s most hilarious because even though I speak on a phone, he speaks on a radio and I have to say “over” when I’ve finished talking so he knows when he can start talking. Sometimes I get excited and talk to him when he’s talking to me. Which of course he can’t hear so I have to start over. It’s a very un-natural way to have a conversation. It takes twice as long to say anything. Tomorrow he’s hiking out for the night so he can have a shower, wash his standard issue shirt and eat some fresh vegetables. We’re meeting in Arthur’s Pass for dinner. You know it’s true love when your fella walks an 8 hour round trip to see you.


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6 responses to “Ranger Tim.

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    How does the man get these gigs? First an Ambo, and now Smokey the Bear… all this and romance too? Definitely a keeper, lol!

    • Ha ha, Smokey, love it! This one he does for love. He gives a couple of weeks of his summer to DOC, he has ever since I’ve known him. He worked on the big tracks when we lived down South, he’s been involved with yellow-eyed penguins and seals and this year he’s moonlighting as a hut warden.

  2. Deb

    Well I suppose he can’t get into too much trouble as Tim the Tool Man if he has such few resources! 🙂

    Love the “backyard” shot!

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