Working Man.

Not long ago, Jono got his licence. Actually, on the morning of his birthday he was first in the licence queue. As a result, our insurance premiums skyrocketed. Jono got a summer job.

He spends his days in the company of some hard-working school friends making, among other things, fresh berry ice creams and sundaes and generally charming the unsuspecting public out of their hard-earned cash. Last time I bought an ice cream from him, I had to take out a bank loan to pay for it.

I’m jealous. My first summer job was picking berries in the ferocious Canterbury heat and I spent afternoons trying not to melt under a raspberry bush. Jono has a walk-in coolstore.


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2 responses to “Working Man.

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Go Jono!!
    Can’t wait to see Sophie tomorrow – we wish the rest of the family were coming too…

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