Another potential local disaster:

A new friend for Henry from a great pattern by Larissa. Don’t be alarmed that he seems to be reading the Famous Five upside down… it’s one of those clever books with 2 stories in one.

Techers have kindly been emailing homework through so we manage a bit of maths and a bit of language every day. Henry and the monkey now find themselves the stars of a children’s book Sophie has written and published as part of a language assignment. It’s called Hemi Te Makimaki.  Thank goodness for Grandad and his super duper printer and mean cloth binding skills.

And I’ve been sewing while watching the US Open and the first episode of Project Runway. A swishy summery dress from a piece of vintage silk I’ve been hoarding since January. It’s very pretty.

In a few hours we’re leaving town for New Zealand’s premier alpine spa destination. Tim has been working for the Emergency Services as well as checking in with his day job and he’s beyond exhausted. I think we could all do with a bit of a break.


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6 responses to “Distractions.

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Yay for Hamner Springs. I wondered if the ambo man had been rostered on.
    Is Sophie running? I know you weren’t going to AIMS this year, but half of Jess’ ballet class are there.
    Well, it’s official – although not as well done as the letter Sophie got – Jess is at Nationals 2010. I’m a volunteer so will be wearing one of those bright orange t-shirts and getting to make myself useful while staying out of Jess’ hair, lol.
    So guess where we’ll be in 2 weeks time… can’t believe it’s a year since you were here last.
    Miss you all, and thinking of y’all often.

  2. hemi te makimaki!!!
    love it. super creative, soph.
    love your happy homeskooling vibe X

  3. Linda in Wisconsin

    Hey, you do look fine! 😉 That’s a relief. It’s a daily disaster lately; I’m getting afraid to check the news. My kids are all over the globe so Google gets a workout.

  4. Steph

    Hope you had a great time in Hamner Springs. I remember those Enid Blyton books from my childhood. Also had some blue Secret Seven volumes (I think) – best present ever!

  5. I just can’t believe that the rumblings are still continuing ! You have had 100’s now… Apart from the adults, most children must be quite traumatized !? What are they like in the classroom?
    My thoughts are with you.

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope all is well in the world of Miss Floss- we miss your blog posts and hope all is OK.

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