Things that go around…

 … tend to come around. It’s just happened in spectacular fashion. Last term I ummed and ahhed for ages before finally letting go and giving my students open access to my fabric stash. I didn’t even mind when someone bagsed my favourite linen tablecloth and I cut up my vintage Mickey Mouse curtain carefully so as many people as possible could have a piece.

Last week one of my Mums dropped in two rubbish bags full of fabric. She’d been cleaning our her mother’s attic and thought maybe I could do something with it. She apologised… it was all really old… mostly from the sixties. Which is how I ended up with vibrant cotton seersuckers and vintage Liberty prints.

Flannelette from cute little pyjamas and pretty rose-covered dress fabrics. Denims and ticking and things that were probably worn in a nativity play. Piles of quilting pieces in china blues and moss greens.  I was astounded.

The same day another parent left 5 boxes of fabric at reception in the hope that we might find it useful. I went from astounded to speechless. All sorts of vibrant cotton fabrics, upholstery remnants and pieces of brightly coloured wool. Patterns, ribbons and lace. Even a couple of lovely old dresses. One box was crammed full of 80s patchwork fabrics … although I think it’s going to be at least another ten years before anyone loves that stuff again! But we can wait and in the meantime, there is plenty of fabric to share.


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10 responses to “Things that go around…

  1. Oh my goodness what a haul! Some lovely lovely things – now I hope you pinch that best stuff for yourself and let the students run free with the rest – that would be your reward for generosity!

    • Floss

      I’ve kept about 5 pieces and put the rest into general play. Mostly flowery bits they’d turn their noses up at anyway 🙂

  2. Evil Gym Mom

    Have you stopped hyperventilating yet?

  3. I agree with Marynanna! keep the best for yourself and let the kids loose on the rest. Enjoy!

  4. Wow. The universe really does provide. What an awesome haul.
    BTW- I loved how your students sold their rewena, that is just fantastic. I’m having another go at it, this time without bothing to do any special treatment with the warm temperatures. And I started it with kumara instead of potato. Simon is getting freaked out by all the sour smelling bowls of goop lying around the kitchen.

    • Floss

      Once you get a good one, you can keep it alive for ages. I used to take our starter home for weekends, it was a bit like the class pet! Have you had any rainbows yet? When you get something nasty in there, it can go a really pretty orange or even purple.

  5. sarah

    Keep it circulating!!

    Love to the Universe!!

  6. Oh I am a big believer in karma.

  7. How cool is that?! I’ve yet to open up my stash to my two little ones let alone a school full!! x

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