Apparently They’re Twins.

 So we go to Hanmer Springs right?   New Zealand’s premier alpine and spa destination set amongst alpine vistas. ( I stole that from their website. Let’s just say it’s the most relaxing place in the South Island).  And what does Sophie want to do?

Run. Through icy rivers and up muddy hillsides. In the freezing freezing cold.

James and I left her to it and took our books to a warm cafe with squishy sofas and an open fire and superb ginger hot chocolates.

Thankfully there is one thing that we all like about Hanmer Springs. It’s just that Sophie has to splash and dive and hydroslide.  James and I prefer the benefits of the natural mineral waters and clean, clear alpine air. ( I stole that from their website too.) On a cold winter’s day, the hot spring is one of our favourite places to be.


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4 responses to “Apparently They’re Twins.

  1. Oh wow, that looks like the most fabulous place to visit.

  2. Evil Gym Mom

    Having experienced more of Tim now, I can safely say that Sophie is totally his DNA while James is totally yours

  3. ooo – a GINGA hot choc??
    sounds rather fahncy. raych made a superb lot of chilli chocolate the other day. *blink* and it’s gone.
    so glad you had an expotition. happy weekend, am trying not to count sleeps – i have made THREE skirts these hols – so proud of self X

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