There are lots of little op shops that I never have time to visit during term because they are open such short hours. Instead, I visit them all during the break, usually in one delicious mad day dedicated to teeny tiny cash only hidey holes. Three of my favourite such shops were overflowing with patterns last week – boxes and boxes of the things which took me glorious hours to slowly sift through. It was hard not to be greedy but I did try to stick to The Rules.

Rule #1 Buy Only In My Size. The exceptions are the ones in Henry’s size and I’ve used the pyjama pattern for him already.

Actually, that’s the only rule. From there on in it’s anything that takes my fancy and the less zips are involved, the better. Most places sell 5 for $1 so I narrowed it down to 10 from each op shop. Still, that’s 30 new-old patterns currently stacked neatly beside my chair waiting for a shoe box. This one is cute, with the little drawstring keyhole thing around the cleavage. It could be very suggestive except that after 4 kids, I have nothing to suggest.

I think I’ll leave it for the summer, maybe when I find something floaty to make it in. That’ll be me, on the right, ringlets and all, in my fabuous summer frock. Clutching a glass of wine, praying for the Year 8s to grow up and go to high school,  desperate for the summer holidays to start…


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5 responses to “Greedy.

  1. what bargains you Cantabrians can score. I tell you op shopping in Auckland is lean, expensive pickings. I mean REALLY expensive- like $1 – $2 each for retro patterns; second hand clothes starting from $15 – still I find the odd bargain but it’s really not the treasure trove it used to be. I guess Trademe has offered the opportunity for people to get the best price they can for things so lovely things just don’t get donated anymore – plus the fact that charity shops have to pay their workers nowadays too.

    • floss

      I think it’s starting to get that way here too… I was in a shop yesterday and the linen tea towels of kiwiana-type stuff were marked at $20 each. Some still had their $2 tags from the original purchase way back when. Wildly optomistic I thought. Thankfully we do still have a lot of independent little charity shops where the main goal of the workers seems to be to get together for a cuppa and a gossip.

  2. Mention Op shops and patterns and I immediately start salivating! Mary Nanna is so right. Auckland is becoming a bit of a rip off. I think maybe the busy family need to take a road trip down south. And I could just happen by some of those lovely little shops!

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