How Do I Love My Year Eights?

Enough to present them with a pile of my most favourite vintage cotton sheets?

Enough to spend hours and hours with them, drafting and re-drafting patterns until everything fitted perfectly?

Enough to sew two emergency waistcoats for the cashiers just  hours before their restaurant was due to open?

Their passion for things vintage and flowery almost exceeded my own. And the invitation to a splendid luncheon at the Flower Junction Cafe was the perfect end to a very busy term. It would seem I love them too. A lot.


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2 responses to “How Do I Love My Year Eights?

  1. Wow! I love that the kids love vintage stuff. I love that you are such an amazing teacher. You are really inspiring. Your “kids” must love you to bits!

  2. *sniff* almost BAWLING!!! you are so COOL.
    adore the stuff they’ve made.
    i am finally sick of the “Miss, are you a hippie?” question. i think i’ll go grunge this term X

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