How Do I Love My Year Sevens?

Enough to let them loose in my vintage fabric stash?

Enough to give them free reign of my beloved Mickey mouse curtains and my favourite french farmyard animal remnants?

Enough to fling open the cupboard door to my flowery cotton sheets and carefully hoarded tablecloths and say “Help yourself”?

Enough to then work overtime to produce a coffee bean bag for their lovely Canadian teacher who suggested the whole recycled repurposed reused shopping bag theme?

Their enthusiasm was infectious. It would seem that I love them a lot.


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2 responses to “How Do I Love My Year Sevens?

  1. You love them way more than I could ever love anyone. I would never be able to share my beloved fabrics with anyone!

  2. i got into trouble. my year 7s found Mrs N’s Fabric Stash and sneaked into it during the last class when i was frantically helping kids finish off boxer shorts. actually i was saying things like, “just give it to me and i’ll overlock that seam, i really don’t care how it’s sewn at this stage.” (need tips: we have 15 hours to sew a sample, a drawstring bag, and a pair of boxer shorts. oh, some kiddos managed it, and even finished a sock monkey in that last hour – no pics – oops)
    anyway, there’s always SOMETHING i forget to do – left a machine unthreaded, didn’t pick up ALL the presser foots/feet off the floor, broke a needle, one bobbin case missing.
    never mind, i have another term to get something right…. X

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