Lulu’s Winter Warmers.

 Lulu turned 8 a few weeks ago and today she came to collect her gifts. My nieces are angels, the most enthusiastic gift-receivers in the whole world . They accept all my handmade offerings and use them to death. This year I made a Lulu a beanie based on this pattern and added dingle dangle plaits. It’s a Year 8 fave although I had to get growly a few weeks ago when two boys used the dingle dangle plaits to tie some of their class mates to the radiator pipes.

The set was completed with a simple neck warmer in matching colours. I did the button holes while she watched.

This is going to be the Holiday Of Sewing. Love it.


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2 responses to “Lulu’s Winter Warmers.

  1. when i looked at the title of this post i was expecting a cocktail!!!!! fras has been making this delish one:
    shot of espresso, shot of baileys, two shots whiskey. chill. pour into martini glasses and top with grated dark chocolate. it sure is a winter warmer.
    totally adore lulu’s braids though X

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