Henry’s Winter Warmers.

I spent hours and hours on Monday trawling the local fabric stores in search of something suitable for boys trousers. In vain. The closest I came was some lovely light denim but at $33 per metre, that particular roll stayed on the shelf. I resolved to go and home and re-search through my stash, knowing full well that curtain fabrics and flowery quilting cottons just weren’t going to cut it with Henry. A last ditch effort saw me pulling in at the op shop nearest home but they didn’t have any fabric either.

What they did have, however,  was a rack of men’s trousers at half off. Lovely sturdy corduroy trousers, warm winter woollen trousers and light denim jeans.  Is it possible to make a pair of 8 year old trousers out of a big pair of trousers? You bet it is.

Don’t tell Henry but this is the pattern I use for his trousers. A size 6 stills fits him perfectly.

It’s a simple pattern, front, back and elastic waist, and using the overlocker means I can churn out 4 pairs in a couple of hours. Including the little monsters sewn into the  waistband to help him tell back from front. He gives me sloppy kisses when I sew him something. I should do it more often.


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3 responses to “Henry’s Winter Warmers.

  1. Excellent find! Love that you can make a pair of strides out of other strides!!!

  2. I bet those pants are *ultra* cute all sewn up in those lovely snuggly fabrics! You make me want to drop everything and drag out my sewing machine.

  3. How adorable is he!

    It will be a sad day when the sloppy kisses aren’t naturally forthcoming.

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