Born twelve minutes late

Sophie hit the ground running

And hasn’t slowed yet.


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5 responses to “Sophie.

  1. Steph

    What an absolutely gorgeous photo – love autumn….

    • Floss

      Thanks Steph… I have a photo with another bunch of girls running past and one of them has flaming red hair the same colour as the leaves. It’s so funny!

  2. evil gym mom

    Go Sophie!
    How’s the knee?

    • Floss

      Seems to be holding up well, no complaints at all so far but she’s been mostly running on grass. Is Jess home yet?

  3. evil gym mom

    Sunday!!!! In time for Mother’s Day. It’s been TOO LONG.
    Plus, have had no word at all for the last two weeks, since they managed to get back from Paris to London on the train (ash clouds doncha know). Hmph.
    Current estimate as to how long before family hugs turn to family hissies is half a day, LOL.
    Have told Tink to ensure anything taken from J’s room is put back, as it was found, before Sunday. Hah, yeah right – reduce estimate of impending hissy to half an hour!
    Can’t wait to see her – I half expect that she may actually have grown.

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