Old Woollens.

I called into SaveMart without my wallet. Which I thought was showing restraint but turned out to be a really dumb idea because I fell in love with a piece of vintage fabric.  I spent two days trying to talk myself out of needing another piece of woollen fabric but the greens were too perfect. I took my wallet and for less than the price of a cup of coffee, I brought my plaid fabric home.

There is enough fabric to make a long warm scarf and plenty left over to make brooches. I used this tutorial from Design*Sponge which makes gorgeous big ruffly flowers. My first one was enormous, a bit like a cactus, so I scaled it down and used one less layer of petals. And added some lace. And some old buttons. The next one’s getting silk. Great tutorial, very cool flowers.

I have lots of woollen bits at school as well as a bag of old lace. If I buy some brooch backs before school starts on Monday, that’s Mothers’ Day sorted for this year. As for the green plaid flower, now I have to find a green jacket to wear it on. Or maybe navy blue.


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7 responses to “Old Woollens.

  1. WOW!!!
    you know i’m not a big doily girl, but those flowers are “seriously cool” (movie line).
    soz for sending you all these links, but check out annah s’s flowery medal things (cannot think of the proper title. anyway, yours are cooler cos she has weird ribbon strings hanging off hers) this winter. i mean, late-mid-summer X

  2. Pauline

    I did try some hanging ribbons and skinny lace but it didn’t quite sit. BTW have you guys seen Bolt? The kids got it from video ezy and have watched it 3 times already. Not bad for a $1 investment.

  3. so sweet, just lovely. I also could not resist such a bargain. I would never have tried though – restraint does not come easily to me.

  4. Julie

    Lovely brooch – again I wish my savemart had the quality that yours does. What a shame you have to go shopping/thrifting to find a jacket – the things a woman must do.

  5. What a great bunch of brooches. I like the lace added. I guess you could use an old woolen skirt too, if you weren’t lucky enough to find fabric.

  6. Deb

    PAULINE!!! I have just found you again through Katrina’s blog. She posted a link to your site. I had the old link and was wondering why you never updated any more! lol. Hey it’s feijoa season up here…they are just starting to drop. Shall we do a sneaky and I won’t be telling NZ Post just exactly what is in my parcel this time! Hope the aroma doesn’t give them away. Good to *see* you again.

  7. Steph

    Love how you’ve improved what was a great tutorial to begin with.

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