Last month I was totally inspired by Larissa and her resuscitation of a denim dress. It’s the kind of denim dress you see a lot around here, usually worn by women with head scarves, so I didn’t have any trouble finding one in an oppie. Sophie despaired when she was trying to photograph me in it. ” I just can’t get it to look good!” she wailed. That’s okay… it’s not supposed to look good…

 It came in for some major chopping. Plenty off the length. Sleeves shortened and given cuffs. Metal flowery buttons replaced with a collection of little leather ones. I’m still debating whether or not to get rid of the collar?

It’s very comfortable and I’m wearing it every second day, making the most of the lovely autumn weather. I think it will probably be right for winter too with tights and a woolly top underneath. I love the colourful book bag – Sophie inherited it from Auntie Kirst and generously let me borrow it for the photo shoot. I don’t really want to give it back.


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8 responses to “Refashion.

  1. wow, great job! that dress looks a lot like mine. and so much more updated now! Love the boots, btw. Not sure what to do about the collar. Mine didn’t have one, so I wasn’t faced with that decision. I guess you can’t really go wrong can you? On or off. It’s all good.

  2. Evil Gym Mom

    Nice knees Floss!
    That dress is now seriously cool yet useful – way to go.
    I think Tink is looking forward to the season. I do know that she’s peeved that she’s not in on the trip to see you guys….

  3. Kerrie

    Wow, you had great vision and did a wonderful job resurrecting the dress. It looks so modern and stylish

  4. Keep the collar Girlfriend – I love it, and btw great knees!

  5. It looks great! What would you do if you took the collar off? Why bother I say.

  6. Steph

    Wow is right. Looks fantastic on you – great job.

  7. Wow, what a difference. The dress looks great, I say keep the collar.

  8. katie

    way cooler.
    and did ya see this on campbell live last night?
    click ‘view video’ at the top of the screen X

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