Something I thought I’d never see. My sports-nut son, my running, jumping, dribbling, kicking, sliding, tackling mile-a-minute son… singing. In a choir.

But the evidence is there – Jono in the male voice choir at his school’s recent 50th Jubilee celebrations. Beautiful in his smart winter uniform. Earnest in his presentation of acapella numbers. Of songs in Zulu, Maori and Samoan. Wonderful old hymns. Show songs from Superstar, Westside Story, Joseph and Les Miserables.

I was happy to be sitting in the back row as an occasional rogue tear escaped. And so thrilled that our choice of high school continues to offer him chances to be more than just ‘that sports guy’. I’ve never really liked the word ‘well-rounded’ , it speaks of too many plum puddings but ‘well-rounded’ he is becoming and we are so pleased.


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3 responses to “Unexpected.

  1. evil gym mom

    way to go Jono

  2. fantastic!!!
    love it. danny surprised me at our family reunion on saturday – i haven’t heard him sing in public before – but he and sam accompanied us on guitars in a family singalong of “i’m henery the eighth, i am…” (youtube herman’s hermits, it was a huge laugh!) and he was awesome. sneaky.
    love love X

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