Treasure Hunt.

I counted… and 14 years is how long we’ve been doing these Easter treasure hunts. If you want eggs around here, you really have to work for them. It began with simple photo trails and jigsaw puzzles and graduated to code breakers, riddles and lines from famous poems. There have been geocaching clues and compass hunts. This year the twins requested algebra.

Which is why the first few days of  the school holidays saw me not eating, drinking and being merry but writing algebraic equations. And matching the answers with a code breaker and deciphering botannical Latin. I obviously have no life.


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8 responses to “Treasure Hunt.

  1. Crikey! We were pretty pleased with ourselves this year for giving the kids a simple code to decipher (numbers for letters, a=1 – z=26) to make this year’s hunt last longer than three seconds. Watching them figuring out the clues was hilarious, but we’ve already decided to make it harder next year. Don’t think I’m up to algebraic equations though…..

    • Floss

      It’s more fun isn’t it? Our oldest at 14 said “Just give me the chocolate” but I noticed he couldn’t keep his mitts out of the fun and was right in the thick of equation-solving LOL

  2. you must be a fan of Dan Brown books…?

  3. the evil gym mom

    Right, I’m sending Jess down to you for remedial maths when she gets back from UK/EU. No way is her maths as good as your twins’. I’ll have Henry or Jono in return to keep Tink happy (who still talks about geocaching with Andrew).

  4. Wow I am impressed. I went to bed early leaving S in charge of hiding eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt, only to find at 4 am (when nature called) that the eggs were still sitting on the bench. So from 4 am to 4.20am I was sneaking around our house hiding eggs in the dark. Crazy.

  5. Steph

    My girls could do the algebra, but do you think they could find Easter eggs placed right in front of them (or under bushes by their grandmother)? In fact their little cousins bet them hands down.

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