I’ve been on a bit of a flax weaving bender lately. I find it completely soothing to collect some leaves from the bush outside my classroom and spend the lunch hour weaving them rhythmically into a mat. With a bit of cleverness, the mat is the beginnings of a basket. Something pretty – a few feathers, a piece of paua, some strands of pink flax – and the kete is ready…

for Whaea Bronwyn’s easter eggs.


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4 responses to “Harakeke.

  1. Very nice weaving!! I made a little basket in class on Thursday as well, but I probably broke every weaving rule in the book. As a matter of fact I didn’t have a book and just went for it, it held together though. I love those little tufts at the ends sticking out. With scissors or did you split it with your fingers?

    • Floss

      With a little shredding tool, like a fine metal comb. I think a wire brush would work too. You just comb the ends of the strands.

  2. floss!!!!!!!
    it’s totally tino pai!!
    truly love the fringy edging X

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