Fair Trade.

The Selfish Seamstress makes me laugh with her pithy haiku. This one especially since so many people ask me to take up their trousers. Even Tim knows to take his pants to the local tailor…

But there is the occasional exception like the first-time-pregnant colleague who is desperate for her perfect-with-high-heels pants to be shortened so that she’ll at least have one pair of jeans that fit. Sobbing desperate.

Besides how could I say no to a Kim Crawford red and a crown pumpkin picked right off the vine. Totally fair trade.


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3 responses to “Fair Trade.

  1. totally fair.
    am now dreaming up the stuff that fraser owes me for doing his ironing ALL TERM.
    in other news, have taught year 8s for FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS. i think i’m hooked. totally LOVE.
    think i might put my hand up for a full time job sometime after all…… X

  2. cor, I wish I could get trades like that, I’d definitely do hemming for a nice red.

    Instead I am making children’s play clothes for NOTHING.

  3. Steph

    Better than cash….

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