People Who Inspire me #143

Every time Jenny makes something, I want to make it too. The passionfruit curd was no exception. She probably just plucks the passionfruit from a vine outside her back door. I had to drive to the supermarket and scratch amongst the ‘exotic fruits’ to find the four wizened specimens I needed. We have the same problem with fejoas. I’m sure they send the reject fejoas that no-one else will eat to Christchurch. They’ve been doing it for so many years that we assume small and wizened is how fejoas are supposed to look. My friend Deb offered to freight me a load from her tree a few years back but NZPost and the courier companies totally kiboshed that idea. So we put up with the wizened exotic fruit.

Passionfruit curd. A dollar per passionfruit. Totally worth it. Last night I could hardly sleep for the excitement of getting up this morning to spread it on my hot buttered toast. And Jenny’s right… it’s just as good warm off the spoon.


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3 responses to “People Who Inspire me #143

  1. Steph

    Yum. I thought grotty fruit was an Auckland thing. I’m sure all the good stuff goes offshore.

  2. oooooooooooooooh.
    totally salivating.
    and i am not kidding.
    our passionfruit vine died and needs replacing.
    noticed feijoas at the super this week but they’re ridiculously expensive still.
    go the tree X

  3. Oh! I am so flattered that I inspired you to make some! That’s made my day. It looks delicious and I know it tastes delicious too. Don’t worry I had to buy my passionfruits too because our vine died a couple of years ago.

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