Week 7.

Whoever said science is boring needs to go to Tim’s class. You may have to learn all about elements and ions and equations and stuff… but look what happens when you get your homework right:

Ionic Chocolate Cake!


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3 responses to “Week 7.

  1. Liz

    Please tell me what school you teach at? I am going to enrol. Too bad Im too old and cranky. I disliked school as a kid, but I think I would have just loved it had it been this good!!!

  2. Steph

    Yum. It’s all good until the C12H22O11 hits your glutes.

  3. bwahahahaha
    i needed a tim injection on monday – i was with charlie’s class and they were doing endless fill-in-the-box answers to “copper sulphate” etc. oh boy, i had to ask the kids how many electrons fitted in each shell and time travel fifteen years back. brain strain. ion? these days all i spell is iron…
    yeah, i have no idea how it’s happened, but i am the Queen of the Pressed School Shirts X

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