Week 6.

I’m a bit sceptical when I read reviews of new books on blogs. Often someone will rave about how great a book is… so I buy it… and then I’m disappointed. And then I find out the reviewer is a friend of the author. Or they share a publisher. Or they were in rehab together. Whatever. So I take a book review with many grains of salt and then I borrow the book from the library to find out for myself. Here’s one book I haven’t been disappointed with:

These wee cuties – pandas, cats in costumes, dollies, and even a mummy –  have all been handcrafted by Year 7’s fairly new to sewing. Totally handstitched as a way of practising their overcasting. Everyone was gaga about the feltie they made which nestles comfortably into the palm of an 11 year old hand. I love this guy’s tummy button.

Here’s a panda gang on the lookout for fresh bamboo.

I love this book and I think it’s well worth the purchase price. And nobody paid me to say so. I’m not friends with the author either.


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5 responses to “Week 6.

  1. Liz

    Totally cute!! I might try and borrow it from my library! You are doing such a great job with the kids at school. They must love you a ton!

  2. yeah I’m with Liz. I loved sewing at intermediate school, but we never made cool stuff like that to practise our overcasting stitches.

  3. Steph

    I’ve seen this book online, recommended by others, and the projects look adorable. Thanks for the honest appraisal.

  4. I bet my dd would love that book…

    I rarely end up buying a book I see recommended…usually, I flick through it, and realize it is all stuff I have seen in blogland, only blogland changes over faster; and since I have been gifted with the ability to be able to make a fair copy of anything I see, well, I don’t even need the patterns most of the time, either. It’s sure saved a heap in my budget! lol

  5. Aren’t libraries great. You can get books out and have a look first. When I find myself borrowing the same book several times I know it is time to buy. Plus where are the reviews that say don’t buy this book! There are some shockers out there.

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