Sailing Away.

Remember that song from the 80s? The kids have just found it on youtube and laugh hysterically when we join in.

James sailed in the Canterbury Primary Schools regatta on Monday and had a wonderful day out at the estuary with his Grandad.

The rumour round town is that his school team came third. That’s unconfirmed, no-one seems to know what’s happened to the results.  But it was the most beautiful day for sailing and James came home grinning. Mostly because he missed a maths test.


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5 responses to “Sailing Away.

  1. kathryn in nz

    Go James!
    When does the scholarship have to be returned?
    Beautiful weather, huh – does that mean you’re finally getting some summer?
    Still hot and blue up here.

  2. Floss

    Good question… end of the sailing season I guess although the coaches have been talking about winter sailing. I imagine it would have to be polished and ready by the beginning of next season. Even though it’s ‘his’ boat, he has pretty loose ownership and if he’s not sailing, one of the other kids will use it. He got naming rights though!

  3. fiandneez

    Look at the colour of that water!

  4. lol – i introduced sammy to rolf harris on the youtube today – tie me kangaroo down sport…
    but his fave (of course) is king caractacus… hilarious X

  5. DD was reading over my shoulder about the kids laughing at you joining in, and said that’s about how she feels when dad and I do the same thing. I politely pointed out she is in no position to talk, when she blasts J-pop, K-pop, and now C-pop, in her bedroom all the time. That stuff is an abomination! lol

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