Pay It Forward.

I like the system at school which sees a class stay with the same homeroom teacher for Year 7 and Year 8. It gives teachers the opportunity to tailor Year 8 programmes to a class they’ve already spent a year nurturing. One teacher knows her students are lacking in self-confidence and has begun the year with all sorts of activities designed to foster leadership. Another teacher realises how inward-looking his class are and has been working with them on Paying It Forward, trying to get them to look outside their own little bubbles. This week’s challenge was to plan, organise and carry out a free sausage sizzle for about 50 people.

It was a great exercise in using what you’ve been blessed, not just money but also things like a cheerful spirit,  management skills and time. The Year 6’s at the local primary school enjoyed their free lunch and the Year 8’s relished the opportunity to explain the pay-it-forward concept to their old teachers.

One was keen to carry it on with his class. “So they understand that this lunch was a comma, not a full stop,” he said. That’s the idea.


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3 responses to “Pay It Forward.

  1. What a cool idea- I am constantly impressed at the things schools do to reinforce the “good citizen” concept.

  2. fiandneez

    Lovely idea. Good on the kids and their teacher.

  3. Very cool idea. I wish I could get more people than just me excited about doing that kinds of stuff, around here.

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