Hot Home Baking.

I’m not often home on Thursday evenings so I’ve only managed to catch a couple of tail-ends of New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker.  I am, however, totally loving Jessicah’s approach to the whole competition. Each week she completes the challenge herself and then posts the results on her blog. Her take on Ginger Crunch is simply the best I have ever made. It didn’t even last a day at our place.

My photos, on the other hand, are not even in the same league as Jessicah’s. Take a look for yourself. Wouldn’t you just love to be invited to one of her tea parties?

PS We lived next door to some home bakers once. Lovely boys, very polite, always stirring things in their kitchen. They were eventually arrested by the police.


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8 responses to “Hot Home Baking.

  1. Kathyn in NZ

    And here I thought that type of thing was only where I live, in Sth AKL, LOL! (there was a p-lab at the end of the road a couple of years ago – brought the whole SW motorway to a standstill while the police raided it)

    • Floss

      This was in Invercargill, the first year we were married. We rented a house, sight unseen, had no idea of neighbourhoods or anything. What an eye-opener of a year that was!

  2. Your slice looks delicious!! I like how you sprinkled the nuts over the top too, it definitely adds to the ‘presentation’. Glad you liked the recipe 🙂

  3. bwahahaha a tinny house huh?
    “always stirring things in their kitchen…”
    too funny X

  4. Liz

    Yum that slice looks good. Cracked me up (scuse the pun) about your next door neighbours!

  5. Steph

    Ha ha – wonder what your neighbours’ magic ingredient was?! Yum – that ginger crunch looks divine.

  6. I must remember to tell my children that home baking and homebake are two different things.

  7. Hmm…homebaking, huh? I had a family down the street doing that, too…until the SWAT teams stormed the place, and took them all away. :p Now a very nice couple lives there, renovating and remodeling, and putting very ambitious decorative details on their dinky little Hawaiian box. :p

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