Week 4.

You can write a perfect lesson plan with a careful balance of activities which cater for a wide variety of interests and abilities.

You can spend hours before class cutting fabric in colourways to please even the pickiest of pupils, gather zips, buttons, straps and buckles to account for every possible whim.

You can have scissors sharpened, threads stacked in rainbow rows, bobbins filled, needles, pins and tape measures at the ready. Every possibility planned for. Every pitfall already imagined. The perfect lesson about the get underway.

And then the power goes out. For 90 minutes. Really, but that’s taking ‘simplify’ just a little too far if you ask me. “Sir shoulda paid the power bill” qipped some wag.

Well, what would you have done?


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8 responses to “Week 4.

  1. nah seriously –
    but i have played this game a few times –
    tried it in french today with year 13s –
    huge hit!!!!!!!!
    merci beaucoup, mon amie X

  2. I had this happen to me and I cancelled the class and sent the students home. That’s one privilege of teaching adults! Whatever you did, it would have been more resourceful than that.

    • I showed them how to sew by just using the hand wheel. Some were totally impressed with how straight they could sew when they had to go slowly! We hand-stitched as well, chain-stitched designs onto their bag pockets because we couldn’t steam-a-seam anything.

  3. Steph

    Screamed….cried…..laughed manically…..obviously you handled it better than I would.

  4. It could’ve been a good thing then… Teaching kids to stitch using old-time methods! 😉

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