Week 2.

The year has started off slowly. I think I kinda overdid it at Christmas time when I sewed like a thing possessed right through December. Looking at my diary I actually haven’t made anything since. Six weeks. That’s a serious burn out.

I’m easing back into things with some juicy class projects. These scraps are from a set of class beanies. The kids have designed their own styles but the beanies will be made in the same colours and then worn together when the class go on camp to Stewart Island later in the year.

This week I’m just taking it one beanie at a time.


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4 responses to “Week 2.

  1. Kathryn in NZ

    I often have a slump after a burst.
    I should be stitching madly on the second version of “For this child”, especially as the twins’ birthday is in a month and I need to allow framing time. But am I stitching on it? Nope, reading lots instead
    Sticky beaks want to know:
    1) how’s James’ sailing going
    2) what’s Sophie up to now she’s not at Olympia all hours
    3) how’s Jono’s injury – will there be hockey this season?
    4)any new geocache finds?
    5) Is Henry still writing letters
    6) How’s your personal ambo (i.e. Hi Andrew!)
    glad to see you still enjoying your teaching.

  2. fiandneez

    We never did cool stuff like that when I was at Intermediate hundreds of years ago.

  3. I like “taking it one beanie at a time.”

  4. funny, we totally crashed this weekend. in the end i dragged my valentine out for an icecream and evening walk on the beach. we could only walk in one direction though cos the wind kept blowing my hair into said ice cream.
    i’m waiting for danny to go back to uni before i make stuff. i have a few ideas of stuffs… X

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