Week 1.

Same drill every year… the nightmare of covering  the new books. They have to  be cover-sealed and I still remember the horror a few years ago when the batch of contact we bought stuck more to itself than the books. The new stuff  is so good that you can peel it off (many times over) if you’re heading for a wrinkle or a bubble and it doesn’t rip even the most delicate of paper coverings.

Jono ‘Wordled’ all his covers. This is a bit of one of his English books.

The little boys had a great time with the old books, magazines, sheet music and comics we collected over the summer. Their English books have dictionary pages, the Maths books are covered in numbers and there are old maps of New Zealand on the Topic books.

Sophie designed her own covers with a colourful logo, matching stickers for pens and pencils and a co-ordinating pencil case and lunch box.

And I managed to get all the books cover-sealed with out a wrinkle, a bubble or a single swear word. That would be a first.


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14 responses to “Week 1.

  1. Well done about getting them covered without a wrinkle! I haven’t even tried covering the girls books yet – life has been really hectic since we had the flood downstairs! http://www.sew-funky.com/2010/01/sew-flooded/

    I think it will be a job for this weekend though!

  2. fiandneez

    Wow – they all look great. And kudos on the wrinkle front. Did you use Duraseal or that new brand I’ve seen on the market?

    • Floss

      It’s the huge roll of clear Contact from Warehouse Stationery and it’s been fabulous.

      • fiandneez

        Good to know thanks. I didn’t cover books this year – my oldest did that job for everybody bless her, but let’s just say we weren’t wrinkle free.

  3. Liz

    Your kids books are incredible. The kids have started a brand new school. Like really brand new. it opened today! And we were told they won’t need to cover their books. YAAAAY! Enough expense already they said. Fair enough too I agree!!!!

  4. brilliant!!
    hey, just came across this at annah s
    it’s nearly as funky as yours… nearly X

  5. I covered all Nadias books…I got shiny purple contact and some with cats on and the wrinkles were there, despite trying to reposition and smooth the stuff. Then the last couple of books we made our own covering and topped that off with clear contact….so easy to use. I think thats what I will do next year…our own covers and clear contact. No wrinkles at all on the books.

  6. Those are the coolest book covers I have ever seen.

  7. Love your kids’ book covers , especially the old papers. Quite a number of years ago my youngest used an old lord of the rings calender and then placed feathers, leaves and fancy yarns over the top before adding the see through contact plastic. Frodo got the brass curtain ring as well.
    They now use fashion magazine clippings and arty photograph magazines.

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