It hardly seems possible but the summer-that-never-was is over and we’re back to school tomorrow.  It rained. A lot. It was cold. We stayed inside and we read books and we watched movies and we drank hot chocolates.  We managed the occasional mad dash to a park for some fresh air. We had one lunatic day of op shopping.

My favourite find was a knitting bag. What originally drew me to it were the twenty plus reels of sewing thread stuffed inside. Totally worth the $2 price tag just to own the thread. I’m not quite sure what to do with the almost 50 pairs of knitting needles in every size imaginable including small fence-post. The buried treasure, however, turned out to be the knitting bag itself.

After some no nonense treatment with soap and a nail brush, years and years of grime were washed away to reveal the most beautiful bright red leather in perfect condition. I’m hardly a knitter (three wash cloths and a bee so far this year ) so this bag has become my new take-everywhere because it’s roomy enough for wallet and keys and phone AND diary and pens and current library book.

And look how it matches my red shoes. Like they were made for each other.


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11 responses to “Favourites.

  1. I’m a little astounded that school starts tomorrow too. Wow, check out that bag! What a marvellous find, and with shoes like that you were definitely meant to discover it. Just perfect.

  2. oh I totally have op shop envy – a real leather bag and all! I bought a bag for $20 from the hospice shop sold as leather – it was only later when it began to split that you could see quite clearly it was not leather – what can you do? It’s not like you can ask for a refund from a charity shop.

  3. What a neat bag. I have a red leather knitting bag that was Mums, but its wider than it is high. What a bonus to get the thread and the needles too. You could always make funky har sticks with the needles if knitting doesn’t take your fancy.

  4. Brilliant score on the thread , and a great bag to boot. Cheer up, officially we still have another month of summer to go, and in february the weather often settles ….

  5. Liz

    Op shop drool goin on over here….!

  6. fiandneez

    Score!!! Love it, and the colourful reels of thread.

  7. Mum

    I remember Auntie Esna having a knitting bag like this one. The condition of your bag is great. Have a good week at school

  8. Evil Gym Mom

    Auckland’s summer was the complete opposite – hot sunny blue (dull and sticky today admittedly).
    We’re melting!!
    Thinking of y’all
    Tink says hi to Henry, Jess says hi to Sophie

  9. totally coveting the bag.
    and the shoesies.
    mmmmm X

  10. I have a HUGE case of envy. I love the bag and have a serious case of lust for all the needles.

  11. Isn’t it really unbelievably amazing when you stumble on a find like this? It couldn’t be more perfect if you tried!
    🙂 carole

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