There are lots of Canteen bandanas in our house and even more in op shops all over the city. A great suggestion in the latest World Sweet World is to turn them into picnic blankets and that’s where we were going with this one. Until someone wrapped themselves in it and refused to give it back. Now everyone wants a Canteen Quilt.

And we’re not the only ones creating bandana magic… check out The Sisterhood of the Travelling Quilt. Quite simply magic.


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4 responses to “Bandanas.

  1. fiandneez

    Great idea – many of the bandanas are lovely pieces of fabric in their own right.

  2. Kathryn in NZ

    thank you for remembering I cheekily asked for that chart!
    The sampler is for a friend’s sister’s twins, so tonight I’ll be starting all over again, but reverse the colours, so main will be purple, accent will be green.
    Hope your weather has improved – staring out the window at work right now at a stunning clear blue sunny sky.

  3. oh and here it is!!!!!
    soz i have been awol.
    just wrote my CV too.
    feeling a little too grown up… X

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