Bean Bags.

These coffee sacks are hard work. So coarsely woven and thick – it’s  like trying to sew ropes together. But after a bit of trial and error, I think I’ve cracked it. They need to be sculpted more than sewed. A lot of steam, a bit of tricky manoeuvering  and a  few scorched fingers gives this kind of look:

The bags hold their shape incredibly well – they actually sit on the floor without flopping. The boxes are great for holding almost anything. I’m currently making a set of much smaller ones to go on the tables at the cafe where I get the sacks… to hold sugar sachets and such. Reports from the provinces have been positive. The bags are staying together, are light to carry and fit lots of shopping in them. Success! I shall make more.


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3 responses to “Bean Bags.

  1. woah
    when i read your update post back at the old blog, i thought you’d gone all facebooky!!! and then i find you here with a new camera (?) and a one-word for twenty ten and i am MISSING you!!!!!

    have finally returned from tripping all over the countryside, Bulldog is talking about buying a caravan for next summer’s travelling and i am about to ditch my limboness for a job, somewhere.
    funny, this one-word-thing. i woke up on NYD refusing to make any conclusions or resos… and the word “courage” popped into my skullness. that’s “courage” pronounced with a french accent like rupert everett tells julia roberts on My Best Friend’s Wedding.

    cos i fink i need it, emerging from last year’s cocoon. haven’t told anyone else yet. but this is the very safe internet…

    LOVE your coffeeliciousness floss, you are so blimmin’ inspiring. wooz and i are sewing a snuggle-quilt for her bf who’s suddenly moving to aust. lots of tears here. jeez my comment has turned into a long sniffy email. soz.

    extremely hot sunshine here. nice houses on the market too… X

  2. fiandneez

    Wow – they look fantastic. I think I would have given up before the sculpting stage, but there’s a good lesson in perseverance there.

  3. You sure are fast on doing an idea!!! Maybe that should be my words for the year: deal with procrastination . Just get on with it.
    I love the baskets. Was that the deal; get free coffe bags for handy baskets on their tables?

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