Figuratively speaking since we don’t have pennies here. We hardly even have cents anymore. But look at what you can get from the local oppie with that lonesome little fifty cent piece lurking at the bottom of your pocket.

Prefectly perfect Cath Kidston china mug in a lovely pale green. Looking like it’s never even known a cup of anything. Currently sitting patiently on my kitchen bench while I tootle off down to Switch for some coffee beans. Maybe I’ll  be able to wheedle some coffee bean sacks out of them while I’m there. I have this new idea I’m itching to try.


Filed under Thrifting

4 responses to “Pennies.

  1. Steph

    I’ve never done the op shops, but I’m obviously missing out. That is one gorgeous mug.

  2. Loving the look of your new blog. Back from holiday, all that fresh air did me some good 🙂

  3. Well, that’s a great score… I mean Kath Kidston things are not as yet very common in NZ, and then to find someone has already thrown one out! Didn’t they like their x-mas present?
    Sometimes I find Maxwell & Williams. Sometimes…

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