Winter Warmth.

The summer weather here has been atrocious of late and I find my thoughts turning to winter and the warmer clothes I’m going to need sooner than expected. The scarf below is Wiksten-Made but I’m all about the coat. Loving the red, white and blue fabric.

I already have some fabulous red vintage buttons and a very old double-breasted coat pattern. Now I just need the fabric and life will be looking a whole lot more colourful. Not to mention warmer.


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4 responses to “Winter Warmth.

  1. You could use a blanket? Although it would be hard to find one in those colours I guess.
    Love those old leather buttons.

  2. Steph

    Has the weather really been that bad down South? Not to rub it in but we’ve been having the best summer for quite some time up here – maybe it was our (well overdue) turn. I wish you all the best with the coat, but I’ve just had to change into a cooler top and I feel quite ill even contemplating winter clothing. Not to worry though – I believe our weather is packing in just in time for the weekend 😉

  3. well for me, high summer is over when Global Fabrics have their sale to ditch their summer stock. It’s next week, that’s good news, and bad news. Summer is on its way out already.

    Lovely fabric, hope you score something similar soon because I bet you make a mean coat.

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