Bombus Ruderatus

“It was drowsily warm with dozens of bees

Lazily buzzing through flowers and trees”

So begins my favourite Lynley Dodd book.  I’ve always thought that bumblebees in the lavender are one of the best things about summer.

I’m taking a break from the knitting of baby washcloths to help Amy with a bit of graffiti knitting. These little bees are surprisingly addictive.  As is the concept of graffiti knitting, which is explained in a great article in the latest World Sweet World .  I wave it militantly at anyone who asks me what I’m doing.

The idea has captured the imagination of the twins who are sitting on the couch opposite me knitting lavender tree scarves with purple wool and massive 9mm needles. The council has just planted new trees down our street, nice and skinny and easy to wrap.  I’m allowed to contribute a bumble bee.

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  1. fiandneez

    Welcome back Floss. Loving the new blog.

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